Meeting  Date Individual events
 Rally North Wales  Cancelled  
 Pirelli Carlisle RB Foundation Rally  3rd/4th May

 Pirelli Carlisle - BRC

 Pirelli Carlisle - Challenge

 Pirelli Carlisle - Historic

 Pirelli Carlisle - Saturday National B

 Pirelli Carlisle - Sunday National B

 Pirelli Carlise - Land Rover

 Jim Clark Rally  30th/31st May

 Jim Clark - BRC

 Jim Clark - Challenge

 Jim Clark - National & Historic

 Jim Clark - Clubman

 Jim Clark - Land Rover

 RSAC Scottish Rally  27/28th June

 RSAC Scottish - BRC

 RSAC Scottish - ARR Craib Scottish

 RSAC Scottish - Challenge

 RSAC Scottish - Historic

 RSAC Scottish - Land Rover

  Todds Leap Ulster Rally  15/16th August  
  Rally Isle of Man  11/13th September

 Rally Isle of Man

 Rally Isle of Man National

 Rally Isle of Man Trophy

  Rallye Dorset  Cancelled  

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