Rally Results from 2004


Kumho Tyres National Rally Championship and ANCRO Clubmans
Dunlop BTRDA Gold Star and Silkolene 1400 Championships
GPR MSA National Tarmacadam Rally Championship

Wyedean Rally (Dunlop BTRDA) - 14th February

Rallye Sunseeker (Kumho Tyres National) - 27/28th February

Malcolm Wilson Rally (Dunlop BTRDA) - 6th March

Alternative Sign Centre Robin Hood Forest Stages Rally (Amajaro MSA Historic) - 6/7th March

Willingham's Recovery North Humberside Forest Rally (Dunlop BTRDA) - 27th March

Astra Stages Rally (Kumho Tyres National, Amajaro MSA Historic) - 3rd April

Ilkley Jubilee Historic Rally - 4th April

Pirelli International Rally (Kwik-Fit Pirelli British) - 23/24th April

WRCSales.com Somerset Stages Rally (Dunlop BTRDA) - 24th April

Welsh Rally (Amajaro MSA Historic) - 1st/2nd May

Roush Manx Rally (Kumho Tyres National, GPR Tarmacadam ) - 7th-8th May

International Rally of Wales (Kwik-Fit Pirelli British) - 15/16th May

Red Dragon Rally (Dunlop BTRDA, Welsh Clubman) - 22nd May

Mutiny National Rally (Kumho Tyres National, Welsh National) - 5th June

Mutiny Clubmans Rally (Kumho Tyres Clubmans) - 5th June

Mutiny Historic Challenge (Amajaro MSA Historic) - 5th June

Mutiny Post Historic Challenge (Amajaro MSA Historic) - 5th June

RSAC Scottish Rally (Kwik-Fit Pirelli British, County Saab Scottish) - 11/13th June

Rainworth Skoda Dukeries Rally (Dunlop BTRDA) - 19th June

Tudorglass Torque B.A.C. Stages Rally - 27th June

Jim Clark Memorial Rally (Kwik-Fit Pirelli British, Pirelli Irish Tarmac) - 2/3rd July

Jim Clark Reivers Rally (County Saab Scottish) - 4th July

Quinton Horiba Stages Rally (Dunlop BTRDA) - 10th July

Swansea Bay National Rally (Kumho Tyres National, Welsh National) - 17th July

Swansea Bay Clubmans Rally (Kumho Tyres Clubmans) - 17th July

Swansea Bay Peugeot 205 Rally - 17th July

Gibbs Aquada Manx International Rally (Kwik-Fit Pirelli British, Pirelli Irish Tarmac) - 29th/31st July

Answercall Direct Ulster Rally (Kwik-Fit Pirelli British, Pirelli Irish Tarmac) - 3rd/4th September

Woodpecker Stages Rally (Dunlop BTRDA) - 4th September

Park Systems National Rally (Kumho Tyres National, County Saab MSA Scottish) - 11th September

Park Systems Rally (County Saab Scottish, Kumho Tyres Clubmans) - 11th September

Plains Rally (Dunlop BTRDA, Welsh National) - 25th September

Trackrod Rally Yorkshire (Kwik-Fit Pirelli British, Armajaro MSA Historic) - 2nd/3rd October

Bulldog Rally (Kumho Tyres National, Welsh National) - 23rd October

Bulldog Clubmans Rally (Kumho Tyres Clubmans, Welsh Clubmans) - 23rd October

Bulldog Historic Rally (Amajaro MSA Historic) - 23rd October

South of England Tempest Rally (Kwik-Fit Pirelli British) - 5/6th November

Dee Jays Cambrian Rally (Dunlop BTRDA, Welsh National) - 6th November

Roger Albert Clark Rally - 20th - 23rd November

Malton Forest Rally - 12th December


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