British Rally Driver Ranking List


Ranking Lists from years (2000 to 2005)


Tynemouth Computer Services (TCS) have provided seeding information to rally organisers for more than twenty years. The seeding information is derived from a statistical analysis of stage times. In 1997 TCS were approached by the Rally Championship Steering Group (which meets under the auspices of the MSA) to produce a unified ranking list for British Rally Drivers competing at championship level. The ranking list was sponsored by Sony in association with Volkswagen Motor Sport from 1998 to 2000. Pirelli took over the sponsorship in 2001 and the top hundred names will be published in Motorsport News (formerly Motoring News) at regular intervals during the season. The full list now runs to nearly four thousand names and due to significant demand from competitors, the Rally Championship Steering Group and Pirelli have kindly given permission for an extended list covering the top three hundred drivers to be published. The efforts of Steve Gregg in promoting the Ranking List are also acknowledged.

The algorithms used to derive the ranking list are proprietary but the general principals on which they are based are as follows: