Live Rally Results

Tynemouth Computer Services are one of the pioneers of live update of results to the Internet as a rally takes place. Results for the rounds of the various championships where the results are produced using TCS software can be found at the following sites:

 British Rally Championship including DMACK Juniors and National Rally Challenge
 Ravenol BTRDA Gold Star, Thomas BTRDA 1400, BTRDA Historic, Vital Equipment Rally First
 Maxxis Tyres MSA English Championship
 REIS MSA Asphalt Rally Championship

Next Events:

 Event Date  Championship(s)
 Pirelli Carlisle Rally  30th April/1st May  British Rally Championship/DMACK Juniors/National Rally Cup/Mintex MSA British/Motoscope Northern Historic/SG Petch ANECCC Stage
 Plains Rally  14th May  Ravenol BTRDA/Thomas BTRDA 1400/BTRDA Historic/Vital Equipment Rally First/Pirelli MSA Welsh/ Welsh Clubman's/ANWCC
 Rallynuts Motorsport Severn Valley Stages Rally  4th June  Mintex MSA British Historic/Pirelli MSA Welsh/HRCR Stage Masters Challenge


Recent Events:

 Event Date  Championship(s)
 Somerset Stages Rally  16th April  Ravenol BTRDA/Thomas BTRDA 1400/BTRDA Historic/Vital Equipment Rally First/Maxxis MSA English/ASWMC REIS Loose Surface
 TJS Self Drive Alan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages  10th April  Motorsport News Circuit Rally/ANCC Stage
 North Wales Rally Services Rally North Wales  2nd April  Mintex MSA British Historic/Pirelli MSA Welsh/Defender Challenge by Bowler/REIS ASWMC Loose Surface Stage/ANWCC
 North Yorkshire Classic Rally  20th March 2016  HRCR Hagerty Insurance Road Rally/HRCR Premier Rally
 Malcolm Wilson Rally  12th March  Ravenol BTRDA/Thomas BTRDA 1400/BTRDA Historic/Vital Equipment Rally First/Maxxis MSA English
 Viking Motorsport / Links Electrical Mid-Wales Clubman Stages  6th March 2016  Pirelli MSA Welsh/ Welsh Clubman’s Forest/ANWCC/FMP Challenge/HRCR Rally Masters Historic Stage Challenge
 Mid-Wales Stages National A and B  5-6th March 2016  British Rally Championship/DMACK Juniors/National Rally Cup/Defender Challenge
 Cambrian Rally  13th February  Ravenol BTRDA/Thomas BTRDA 1400/BTRDA Historic/Vital Equipment Rally First/Pirelli MSA Welsh National/FMP Rally Challenge/ANWCC
 Legend Fires North West Stages  5-6th February 2016  ANCC/North of England Tarmacadam/ANWCC/SD34
 NHMC Cadwell Stages Rally  15th November  Motorsport News Circuit/Roadrunner Phoenix Awards ANEMMC Sealed Surface/Alexander Calder Financial EMAMC Single Venue/ANWCC/Kick Energy Junior 1000
 JLT Tempest 2 Rally  7th November  MSA English/REIS Insurance ASWMC Loose Stage
 JLT Tempest 4 Rally  7th November  REIS Insurance ASWMC Loose Stage/Defender Challenge by Bowler Motorsport

 Archive of Results from 1974 to 2015  David James Event and Championship Results Archive 1995 to 2005

Results should be updated continuously whilst the event is running. The Leaderboard (and some other classications) pages will refresh automatically every two minutes. Some other pages have a checkbox for automatic refresh; others must be refreshed manually by clicking on refresh. Please send comments on these pages to

We also operate a free mailing list that sends full event results via email in Adobe Acrobat pdf format as soon as possible after the finish of an event (where TCS or one of our partners has provided the results service). You can subscribe at TCS results mailing list. Once your free subscription has been authorised you can also access an archive of results in pdf format for the last nine years.